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 Andreas Schuller

Andreas Schuller from Drøbak he has made ??a career as a music producer in Norway, where he started making High School songs. It was the High School songs that got his career rolling and after he was picked up by "Universal", packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Here Andreas worked hard for his dreams, and in just three years acquired a own music studio and worked with stars such as Rock City, Kelly Rowland and Macy Gray.

In the studio in Los Angeles, he has also produced music with Norwegian artists like Sandra Lyng Haugen and Tooji. His latest production has been a winner in both the charts abroad and at home in Norway. He produced "I Choose U" for the band TimeFlies, which currently sells for sold-out concerts across the United States and "Wiggle" with Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg.

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