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 Tana River

Tana River is a 361 kilometres long river in Sápmi area of northern Scandinavia. The river flows through Finnmark and the Lapland region of Finland. The Sámi name means "Great River". The main tributaries of Tana are Anarjohka and Karasjohka.

In its upper course it runs for 256 km along the Finnish - Norwegian border, between the municipalities of Utsjoki, Finland and Karasjok and Tana. The river is the fifth longest in Norway. The last 105 kilometres of the river run through Tana and the river empties into the Tanafjorden.

The river discharges into the Tanafjorden. The river mouth is one of the largest and most natural/virgin river deltas in Europe. The delta is protected and is an important home to wetland birds. There are large deposits of sand in the delta that are exposed sandbars at low tide.

Tana River is well known for its excellent salmon fishery and is the most productive salmon river in Finland and Norway. The world´s record for Atlantic salmon is held by a salmon caught on the Tana; it was 36 kilograms and was taken in 1929 by the late Nils Mathis Walle.

In 2002, fishermen on the river captured an annual total of 99,546 kilograms salmon with an average size of 4.5 kilograms in the river. The annual sea trout catch for that year on the river was 4,4 kilograms. Both Finland and Norway regulate the fishing on the river and drift net fishing is allowed on the river.

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