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 Ekofisk oil field

Ekofisk is an oil field in block 2/4 of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea about 320 km southwest of Stavanger. Discovered in 1969 by Phillips Petroleum Company, it remains one of the most important oil fields in the North Sea. This was the first discovery of oil after the drilling of over 200 exploration wells in the North Sea "triggered" by the Groningen gas field discovery. In 1971, Phillips started producing directly to tankers from four subsea wells. Oil production is planned to continue until at least 2050.

Ekofisk reservoir consists of Cod, Ekofisk, West Ekofisk, Tor, Albuskjell, Eldfisk, Edda and Embla oil fields. The Ekofisk Center is a vast complex of platforms and structures creating a transportation hub also for surrounding fields such as Valhall, Hod, Gyda, Ula, Statfjord, Heimdal, Tommeliten and Gullfaks. The whole complex consists of 29 platforms. Produced oil is transported by the Norpipe oil pipeline to the Teesside Refinery in England. Natural gas is transported by the Norpipe gas pipeline to Emden in Germany.

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