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Austre Adventfjord, Svalbard

Photo: Austre Adventfjord, Terje Mortensen and Operafjellet Birger Amundsen.

Operafjellet, Svalbard


The property Austre Adventfjord is located just on the other side of the bay from Longyearbyen and covers a area of approx. 217,6 km2. The privately owned land in Svalbard includes the abandoned mining community Hiorthhamn and Operafjellet (Opera Mountain), and is today a popular cottage and recreational area for the inhabitants of the Arctic archipelago.

Austre Adventfjord AS estimates the coal deposits on the property of 20 million tons and 15 to 20 years of operation, given current prices and technology.

Hiorthhamn served as a coal mining camp from 1917 to 1921 operated by De Norske Kullfelter Spitsbergen. The settlement was named for the company´s director, Fredrik Hiorth.

Operafjellet (Opera Mountain) is 968 metres tall and is located on the northern side of Adventfjorden, between Mälardalen and Koslådalen, north in Nordenskiöld Land. On the western side the mountain has the form of an amphitheatre.

When the snow is melting at Operafjellet it´s look like a champagne glass with stem. When "the stem is gone" means, the snow had melted and the summer is here.

Operafjellet includes the peaks Tenoren (654 meters), Bassen (968 meters), Dirigenten (928 meters) and two unnamed peaks (943 meters and 952 meters).

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