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Oscarsborg fortress is situated on the shores of the Drøbak Sound, at the narrowest point of the Oslofjord. It was built to protect Oslo from possible amphibious attack. The oldest buildings present in Oscarsborg were built between 1846 - 1853. Oscarsborg and Colonel Birger Eriksen from Moskenes, who was commander of Oscarsborg Fort is best known for the sinking of the German warship "Blücher" on the 9th of April 1940, the day that Germany invaded Norway during the Second World War.

Oscarsborg Fortress is a jewel in the Drøbak Sound. In summer, Oscarsborg is perfect for families and for those interested in nature, culture and history. Oscarsborg Fortress Museum presents the history of the place and organises guided tours. There are plenty of activities for children. A safari through the subterranean tunnels below the fortress, obstacle courses, bathing beaches and crab fishing.

The unique surroundings of the fortress provide a fantastic arena for the theatre, opera and concerts which are organised during the summer season. At Oscarsborg you will find an art gallery, exhibitions, Hotel & Spa and a good selection of places to eat. In summer you can travel by ferry from Drøbak and Oslo, or arrive with your own boat to Oscarsborg Marina.

The Oslofjord Tunnel is a subsea road tunnel which traverses the Oslofjord, connecting Hurum and Frogn.

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