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The Oslofjord Tunnel is a subsea road tunnel which traverses the Oslofjord, connecting Hurum and Frogn. Carrying three lanes National Road 23, the 7,306-meter long tunnel reaches a depth of 134 meters below mean sea level. The tunnel has a maximum gradient of seven percent. It acts as the main link connecting Buskerud with Follo and Østfold, supplementing the Moss - Horten Ferry which runs further south. The Oslofjord Tunnel is forbidden for heavy traffic exceeding 7.5 tonnes.

The crossing was originally served by the Drøbak - Storsand Ferry, which commenced in 1939. Plans for a fixed link were launched in 1963, originally based on two bridges which would connect to Håøya. Parliament gave approval on 13 December 1996 and construction started on 14 April 1997. The tunnel was official opened on 29 June 2000 and was financed in part by a toll, collected by Bompengeselskapet Oslofjordtunnelen at a toll plaza in Frogn.

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