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 Angelina Jordan Astar
 Sara Astar
 Juliette Astar

From USA to Brasil, Mexico to South Africa, UK to South Korea, Australia to entire Europe! Angelina Jordan charms entire Globe! In this short time (March to today), she has been viewed total 15 Mill times on YouTube so far and been featured countless times on TV world wide! It doesn´t stops right there, the major internet news/entertainment sites have also got Angelina on their attention such as People, TIME, CNN, Hollywood Reporter, and staggering 25 Mill search results on Google alone!

Angelina Jordan (8 years old) won the evening finals in Norwegian Talents. As expected, the well most say. In 2014 she saw an advertisement for "Norway´s got talent" and wanted so eagerly to apply for that audition. From that audition the path to world wide recognition and fame was very short and suddenly became a reality. Back in March 2014, Angelina sang "Fly Me To The Moon" on a Norwegian late night TV show. Her performance is guaranteed to shock you.

When Angelina was one and a half years old when she discovered YouTube – she had heard Whitney Houston few months before and she loved the song "I will always love you". From listening she began to sing along with Whitney. We discovered that she is impressive for her age. Months passed and her interest in music began to expand as she started listening to jazz tracks and old tracks by many artists. From related music videos she found Billy Holiday and fell in love with her. She sang along and after a while she asked if it was possible to have a karaoke version of her favourite songs.

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