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 Tor Olav Trøim
 Celina Midelfart
 Vålerenga Fotball

Tor Olav Trøim grew up in Sandefjord, where he went to school with investor Øystein Stray Spetalen. He is engaged to Celina Midelfart. Tor Olav Trøim graduated from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, in 1985 with a graduate marine engineering degree. He worked as a portfolio manager for Storebrand and later as CEO of DNO. In 1995 he joined SeaTankers Management of Cyprus, when he became part of the John Fredriksen sphere, and became CEO of Frontline. He has also been CEO of Seadrill. Trøim is a Norwegian citizen and is resident in the UK. He holds a number of executive and board positions in John Fredriksen-controlled companies, and is often described as his right hand.

Since 1995, Trøim has been a director of SeaTankers Management in Cyprus. He has in his function been central in taking the Greenwich Group to the public markets. In this function he has acted as CEO for the public companies Frontline Ltd., Golar LNG Ltd. and SeaDrill Ltd.. Trøim is currently Chairman of Golar LNG Energy Ltd. and Independent Tanker Corporation Ltd. He is a board member in Seadrill, Seawell, Golden Ocean Ltd. and Marine Harvest ASA in addition to Chairman of the Board of Aktiv Kapital. He has since 2004 been vice president of Golden Ocean Group and since 2001 of Golar LNG, as well as Knightsbridge Tankers Limited and Ship Finance International.

Late September 2014 one of the shipping industry´s most influential partnerships is set to end after 19 years, after Tor Olav Trøim said he was stepping down from his role at John Fredriksen´s main holding company. Mr Trøim´s would step up his involvement in Golar LNG Ltd.

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