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A Tmasque is designed like a Suregal mask, but is shaped like a T-shirt.

The Tmasque are made of Ecological cotton and is the Ultimate Travel accessory. The Tmasque will match what you wear and what mood your in. The Tmasque are Washable, comes in 6 different colors and is a patented product of Norway. The graphic images is hand painted or silkscreened.

A Tmasque will fit in your toiletry bag, in a purse, in your pocket and inside a DVD cover for longer storage. Inside a special DVD cover you will allways remember where the Tmasque are. Keep a Tmasque in your toiletry bag at any time because U never now when it come handy.

Ecological Tmasque are made for Companies (Tesla, Toyta, BMW, Volvo), Sports Clubs, Artist etc. around the world. Many companies are big in Asia and people there are using Suregal mask every day. A good reputation takes years of hard work to build, but within a few seconds, it may be gone. A good reputation comes from within and your messages to the outside world must reflect who you are, otherwise, it seems implausible. Custom design minimum order.

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