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NorgesGruppen ASA is a Norwegian grocery wholesaling group which also runs various retail outlets. With a 38,5% market share in 2012, NorgesGruppen was the largest player in the Norwegian grocery retail market. The business dates back to 1866 when the wholesale activity started up in the name of Joh. Johannson.

NorgesGruppen has 1,768 grocery stores and 800 outlets in service trade. Profile houses are Menu, Ultra, Kiwi and Kjøpmannshuset (Spar, Joker and Nærbutikken) within grocery. Profilhuset NorgesGruppen Servicehandel consists of chains Deli de Luca, Mix, Fresh, Dolly Dimples and Jafs. The wholesale business Asko ensures distribution to the chains and are organized into 14 companies.

NorgesGruppen has a presence in 367 of the 428 municipalities and the grocery grouping with the most district stores. From north to south, in big cities and out in the districts. Our stores are where people live. 950 of the stores are operated by independent grocers. This represents approximately 56 percent of total stores.

Especially Joker and Nærbutikken, which also is represented in many rural municipalities. These stores constitute a great importance for the social community in smaller places.

NorgesGruppen is an important partner for Norwegian food production, and we are working actively to cooperate with local and regional manufacturers to offer Norwegian consumers the best possible range. According to Nielsen 2014 perceived NorgesGruppen as best in local food and specialties.

Around 38,000 employees are affiliated NorgesGruppen. Our vision is that we will give customers a better life. Our values are responsible, customer focused, co-operative and value-added. Every year we negotiate with 150 of the largest suppliers to ensure the best possible conditions for the stores and the lowest retail prices to consumers.

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