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SalMar ASA is a Norwegian fish farm company. It holds licenses for atlantic salmon, located in Trøndelag, Nordmøre and Troms. SalMar was founded in February 1991 following the acquisition of a licence for the production of farmed salmon and a whitefish harvesting/processing plant from a company that had gone into liquidation. Since its inception in 1991 SalMar has developed into a vertically integrated aquaculture enterprise, whose production stretches from roe/broodfish to the sale of finished products. SalMar has gone from a single company with one licence for the production of farmed salmon in Norway, to an international concern with 83 fish farming licences in Norway and considerable shareholdings in the UK.

Today, SalMar is Norway´s third largest producers of Atlantic salmon. During the same period the number of employees has risen from 25 to around 1000. In short, SalMar has made spectacular progress over the past 22 years, and is looking forward to an equally exciting period of development in the years to come. Systematic efforts are being made to recruit qualified personnel at all levels in the organisation. The company places great emphasis on providing every employee with a good working environment, a meaningful job content, and fair and competitive terms and conditions. The workforce at the Frøya plant is made up of people from some 16 different countries.

InnovaMar is the name of SalMar´s new harvesting and processing facility in Frøya. It aims to be the world´s most innovative and efficient facility for the landing, harvesting and processing of farmed salmon. InnovaMar covers 17,500 m2 of floor space and comprises two departments (harvesting and processing). The facility has the capacity for all kinds of storage. Good internal logistics ensure safe and efficient handling of the products. The increased capacity affords a high level of flexibility with regard to organising production and sales.

SalMar produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen salmon products. The customer base is global and includes small and large importerts/ exporters, as well as larger processing companies and retail chains.

SalMar Central Norway harvested 63.400 tonnes gutted weight in 2011, divided between 44 licences. SalMar"s segment in Rauma harvested 10.900 tonnes gutted weight in 2011, divided between 14 licenses. Fish farming facilities are located in Averøy, Halsa, Tustna, Aure, Smøla, Hitra, Frøya, Åfjord, Roan, Flatanger and Namsos.

In 2011 SalMar Northern Norway harvested 18.700 tonnes gutted weight from 13 operating licenses in Troms County. SalMar Nord´s licences and hatchery are located in Nordreisa, Tranøy, Dyrøy, Berg and Lenvik.

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