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gjelsten holding

Gjelsten Holding is a private investment company owned by Bjørn Rune Gjelsten. Its main focus is about property and industry. The company is headquartered at Aker Brygge.

In 2000 established Bjørn Rune Gjelsten Gjelsten Holding. He then had a long period been involved in Aker RGI through which he controlled with Kjell Inge Røkke. In 2000 chose Gjelsten to go his own way, and quickly became involved in "Leangbukta Marina", which was established that year, and then Gjelsten Holding secured 50% off.

In 2001 secured Gjelsten Holding 75% of "Fabritius group", a promising real estate company, which Gjelsten Holding buy up completely. The company then became seriously involved in the property market. This led to "Lunnstaden project" at Hafjell, the project was initiated in 2002, and should be run by Hafjell Arena, a subsidiary of Gjelsten Holding.

In 2003 bought Gjelsten Holding up NOAH (Norsk Avfallshåndtering) located in Holmestrand from the authorities and has since working actively to prevent pollution and also clean up the polluted areas, including by Lierstranda. NOAH is still owned entirely by Gjelsten Holding along with both Fabritius and Hafjell Arena.

In 2006 sold Gjelsten Holding large parts of the property portfolio in Fabritius for nearly one billion.

Besides being a property developer also manages Fabritius group a substantial property portfolio as part of development properties and properties in the long term ownership. Fabritius has an organization of approximately 20 people with expertise in project management, regulatory work, market, management, economics and analysis.

Profier are developing appropriate market real estate projects across the country, and has a vision to create added value with highly motivated employees and good partners. Profier aims to be a leading and sought-after partner in development of properties and real estate projects. Profier are always looking for new sites for development of residential and commercial properties.

NOAH was created in 1991 by the Norwegian government and a number of the largest industrial companies like Norway´s national facility for the receipt and processing of inorganic hazardous waste. The establishment of NOAH was rooted in Norway´s environmental commitments internationally. Langøya has an estimated operating horizon for the receipt and processing of hazardous waste of around 10 years. Parts of Nordbruddet (northern quarry) is now closed and rehabilitated, while Sydbruddet (southern quarry) adopted by significant investments in recent years to increase the landfill capacity. Langøya has a rich flora and fauna, and recreational areas in both the north and south end used as destination for people in Vestfold. When the rehabilitation of landfills are closed, these will be facilitated as recreation areas.

Biotechnology company Ultimovacs AS aims to develop a therapeutic cancer vaccine based on research from the University of Oslo. This is an innovative and modern cancer treatment, where the vaccine will stimulate the immune system to recognize, attack and kill cancer cells, called immunotherapy. Immunological treatment has fewer side effects than traditional methods for cancer treatment and provides an effect that lasts a long time and is not just an extension of the disease.

Kid Interiør
Kid Interiør is a nationwide textile and interior chain with the largest selection of curtains and bed sets. Kid Interiør has approximately 130 wholly owned stores across the country, and over 800 dedicated and committed employees that aims to renew the Norwegian home. Kid Interiør is the largest and most profitable brand in housing textiles. Kid Interiør was also the industry´s best in customer service in 2013.

Sport 1
Sport 1 is a chain of independent sports shops ranging from traditional full-range stores to specialist shops selling ski, bike, run and open air. Our goal is to make sports one of the nation´s best chain in sport through the visibility and provide baseline concept REAL SPORT. This means that Sport 1 shops have local ownership, strong roots in local activities, and committed employees who know their subjects and provide their clients good advice and relevant guidance.

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