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adecco, better work, better life

In Norway, Adecco employs over 10.000 people and has some 700 people employed in their corporate structure. Adecco Norway is by any comparison the largest recruitment agency in Norway. We are nationwide with over 100 branches and offices, we have over 5,000 employees work every day. Adecco offers temporary and permanent positions in Norwegian industry and the public sector. For each individual applicant, it is important to find the right workplace. Adecco wants to contribute to the match between the company and the job seeker becomes optimal.

Adecco was also rated #8 best place to work in the entire country in 2008, a rating we are proud of, but work endlessly to improve even more. Many of our employees use Adecco as a career, while others choose to use us as a portal to their dream job.

WE have all categories of personnel, from the student who needs a part-time job while studying, to the senior professional who wishes to gain access to the very best jobs. Adecco works by placing ads for our clients, clients who have chosen to let us handle the entire recruitment process. Candidates contact us with their resumés. We then conduct interviews, background/reference checks and any part of the selection process the client does not wish to be directly involved with.

In most cases, the client wishes the selected candidate to work through Adecco, usually during the test period (6-12 months), before the candidate is given a fixed position with the client. This way, both the client and the candidate have a third party, a neutral base, should any issues arise. It is a safe and well tried concept, which is in great part the reason for Adecco’s success. Adecco is a ISO certified corporation who, through its Quality Assurance programs, holds itself to the highest of standards in HRM.

Our aim is simple as well as obtainable: BETTER WORK – BETTER LIFE!

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