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 NOFI Tromsø

The NOFI BoomBag is an oil boom system that has been specially designed for rapid response with minimal requirements for boats and personnel. The patented NOFI BoomBag is regarded as the worlds quickest deployment system, which has resulted in NOFI being rewarded an innovation prize in 1998. The system is delivered to organisations and operators all over the world, including; the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Statoil Faroe Islands, Brazilian Petrobras, BP Shetland, BP Indonesia, PAJ - Petroleum Association of Japan, the Finnish Navy, Chevron Wales/Australia and CCB Bergen, Norway.

NOFI´s goal is to offer new products and services that give our customers unique advantages. R&D is an important part of this process, and we actively and systematically seek to acquire new knowledge and expertise. NOFI has presented a number of "New to the world" products and has registrated several patents and registrated trademarks. NOFI is an innovative industrial corporation concerned with the development, manufacture and sale of products and services all over the world, primarily within the maritime sector.

NOFI shall be a development-oriented technology corporation with its main focus on the maritime sector. Unique competitive advantages shall be developed both through focus on the "total concept" and special focus within each business area. We shall, at all times, strive to remain at the forefront within our core activities, to achieve added value for our customers, employees and stockholders.

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