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 Fish farming

The main island, Finnøy, with its municipal centre of Judaberg, measures 25 square kilometres and has about half the total population. Finnøy is an agricultural community dominated by dairy, meat, poultry, and fish farming products, with strong horticultural traditions, mainly greenhouse production of tomatoes, and some tourism. Fish farming is in rapid development in the municipality, with several new installations on sea and land. The service industries are also growing, especially in Judaberg.

The industry in Finnøy is strongly influenced by primary industries. Traditionally, it has been driven small-scale farming combined with some fishing. Today, farms larger and most run fairly efficiently. The municipality has a significant production of milk, eggs and poultry, pork and farmed fish. Since the 1930s it has been driven cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Today the municipality for a significant portion of this production in Norway. At one time, most farms greenhouses, now production concentrated in fewer and larger units.

Finnøy is an paradise of islands, skerries and archipelagos with a rich animal life comprising elk and deer, as well as small skerries which are bird sanctuaries. There are excellent opportunities here for an interesting holiday where you can explore the islands on your own or as part of an organised tour. From Finnøy, there are excellent ferry and express boat links to the north, south and east.

Finnøy, is a paradise for those travelling by boat, for nature lovers and travellers interested in the local cultural heritage. You can spend weeks exploring the many islands and islets, sheltered coves and friendly harbours of Finnøy. There are also excellent beaches, with car parking and public toilets. Frequent ferries and express boats make it easy for everyone to travel between the various islands and mainland.

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