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 Selje Monastery

On the island of Selja, a 15-minute boat trip from Selje, lie the ruins of Selje Monastery, its tower still intact. The monastery was built by Benedictine monks early in the 12th century in honour of St. Sunniva. The legend of St. Sunniva who was martyred here lives on.

Norway has two male saints (St. Olav and St. Hallvard) and one female one, St. Sunniva, the guardian saint of Western Norway. According to legend Sunniva, daughter of an Irish king, fled when her country was conquered by heathens and the new king wanted to marry her. She came ashore on the island of Selja. The St. Sunniva cave where Sunniva is said to have died is a large cavern containing remains of walls and traces of the first church dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Hoddevik is a village on the Outer Stadlandet. Hoddevik is today best known for a mile-long sandy beach that is considered to be one of Norway´s best surfespots. In fact, many will say that it is one of the world´s best! In Hoddevik it is a year round activity when it comes to surfing.

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