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Nordseter and Sjusjøen were originally mountain farm communities, which - with their easily accessible forest and mountain terrain - have developed into skiing destinations. The area offers a wide range of skiing alternatives, including approximately 350 km of prepared cross-country trails. This is the biggest cross country skiing terrain in the world. The tracks run all the way to Lillehammer and Øyer, and connect with the Olympic tracks at the Birkebeineren Ski Stadium. The trails go through forested and mountain terrain, and are clearly signposted.

Nordseter is a mountain cross country skiing area located 14 km from Lillehammer in Norway, not very far from Sjusjøen. The area is located at an altitude of approximately 850 meters above sea level, and offers skiing in the months from December through to the end of March. In the summers, the area is also popular for the locals and a growing number of tourists with many activities such as walking, kayaking, cycling, small game hunting and fishing.

Sjusjøen has a partnership with Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Skeikampen and Gålå, where one can use the same ski pass in all five ski resorts.

The area has been used for centuries as summer farms where the local farmers would take advantage of the thaw and take their animals into the lush mountainside to feed. In the early nineteen hundreds the first guest houses began to appear to entertain tourists and travellers.

Sjusjøen is a Norwegian skiing destination with forest and mountain terrain, about 20 km east of the centre of Lillehammer. The area is located at an altitude of approximately 1000 meters above sea level. The mountain plateau South of Sjusjøen is Hedmarksvidda.

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