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Rex Rodney, which many regarded as Norway´s best racehorses of all time. Rex Rodney was a trotting horse by the American stallion Doctor Rodney, and is regarded by many as Norway´s best trotter of all time. It won the Forus Open four times, Oslo Grand Prix twice, and went to the top of the Swedish Elitlopp in 1986. Rex Rodney was owned and bred by Torleif Sun, and horse trainer and regular coachman was Kjell Håkonsen. In 2010, Rex Rodney elected to the Hall of Fame in Nordiska traveling museum Årjäng.

Kjell Håkonsen was a harness racing coach and coachman. During his career, he had 5531 starts and won 1094 races. He is best known for having trained and coached Spikeld and Rex Rodney who many rank as Norway´s best coach horses of all time. He also trained one of Spikeld´s sons, Spiker, who is seen as having great potential and is seen as having good breeding stock.

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