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 Whale Safari

The municipality of Andøya consists of two islands, Andøya island and Hinnøya island. Hinnøya is Norway´s largest island while Andøya is the 10th largest island in the country. These two islands are connected to each other by Andøy Bridge (Andøybrua), which was completed in 1975. The world-famous Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) docks at Risøyhamn. Risøyhamn is a village on the island of Andøya. The airport is located at Andenes.

Because of the short distance from Andenes to very deep oceanic waters, Andenes is the only place in northern Europe where you can see the giant male sperm whales on relatively short trips. Combining research and adventure, the Whale Safari from Andenes is described to offer one of "the highest quality whale watching in the world".

In Andenes, the edge of the continental shelf is closer to land than anywhere else along the coast of Norway. Here, a special deep sea area called Bleik Canyon was formed thousands of years ago. This extraordinary spot provides a stable stock of Sperm whales with food such as deep sea squid and fish. Andenes is the most convenient whale watching location in Northern Norway - it takes only an hour to reach this magnificent whale watching grounds.

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