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The fishing village Kalvåg is the largest and best preserved fishing village"s in Western Norway. Kalvåg is beautiful and it"s history is even more fascinating. In 1860,there lived over 10,000 inhabitants under the large herring fisheries. Today, there is approximately 500 inhabitants.

It is located on the southeast side of the island of Frøya on the coast along the Frøysjøen strait, the southern entrance to the Nordfjorden. There is a series of bridges that connect Kalvåg to the nearby island of Bremangerlandet. Today, the village of Kalvåg has a unique collection of old waterfront buildings, reputed to be the largest and best-kept waterfront environment in the county. Many of the old wharf buildings have been restored and converted to provide accommodation. The harbor is very good, with spacious public quays. Frøya Church is located about 1.5 kilometres northeast of the center of Kalvåg.

Vamråkbuene is situated in Kalvåg. During the large herring fisheries in the middle of the 18th Century Kalvåg was a true fishing metropole with many thousands of visiting fishermen. Vamråkbuene represents one part of the trading life that the herring fisheries created, and today, is part of the Coastal musuem in Sogn og Fjordane. Here you can have a guided tour (arranged beforehand) and an exciting insight in to how the fish industry has developed from the 18th Century to modern times.

Madcon´s latest music video "All I Do", is filmed in Bremanger, the video shows off some of the breathtaking views and attractions the region has to offer.

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