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There are many idyllic places in Bremanger district. From the outer rocks and sandy beaches, together with the fishing trips at sea to the mountains, fjord landscapes, hunting and fishing experiences in the inner parts of the district. A journey along the Nordfjord offers an exceptional variety of scenery ranging from blue glacier arms and towering mountains to fertile valleys and deep lakes, and taking you right out to the coast and the relentless breakers of the Stadhavet sea.

In Bremangerpollen you will find many seahouses and boathouses. The trading posts of Rugsund and Smørhamn from the 17th century tell us that the sea was the most important communication area. Culture is strong in Bremanger and here you find settlements dating back 7.000 - 8.000 years.

Svelgen is the administrative centre of Bremanger. Situated in Svelgen is the largest company, Elkem Bremanger, is a modern metallurgic factory with approximately 290 man-labour years. Svelgen was established as a result of this company, and is today an active and lively community. The fishing village Kalvåg is the largest and best preserved fishing village"s in Western Norway. Hornelen the legendary moutain cliff is situated straight across the fjord from Vingen rock carving site.

Madcon´s latest music video "All I Do", is filmed in Bremanger, the video shows off some of the breathtaking views and attractions the region has to offer.

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