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 Oddvar Torsheim

Oddvar Torsheim is known as a popular graphic artist, painter, and in later years also as a musician of a rather peculiar kind. Oddvar Torsheim was born in Herland, raised in Rovde and Naustdal, but made Førde his home.

He has had many exhibitions abroad and in Norway, and he has carried out a series of public decorations. His art has been bought by the most important art institutions in Norway. In 1990, he was awarded the culture prize from the municipality of Førde.

Oddvar Torsheim was educated at the Bergen Arts and Crafts School in Bergen and the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. In oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and graphics its ridicules his prejudices and habitual thinking with surreal fantasy and socially critical tendencies.

He has also published several collections of poetry with your own artwork, including Visions in the seventies (1980) and Black white projections in 80 years (1988), as well as music CDs Nynorsk Forest (1992) and Return Blues (2000). He is represented in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

Oddvar Torsheim is a highly unusual character on the contemporary Norwegian art scene. Art used in satire and irony does not have such a long tradition in Norway, yet Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914) and the newspaper illustrator Finn Graff (born 1938) are examples of colleagues working in the same genre as Torsheim.

In 2008, Torsheim in TV2"s talent program Norwegian Talents where he passed the first round, but was eliminated in the semifinals. He has been portrayed on television several times, including in TVNorges suite Norway Glorious led by Ylvis brothers.

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