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 Trond Mohn
 Bodil Friele
 Frederik W. Mohn
 Louise Mohn

Trond Mohn (born in Buckie, Scotland) is a businessperson and philanthropist and a owner and CEO of the family company Frank Mohn AS. He is living in Bergen where his business is based. Mohn gained his degree in Economics at University of Mannheim, Germany in 1970. He returned to Bergen to work for the family company, and became CEO of the company in January 1986. He is also the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Korea in Norway.

Trond Mohn has made numerous donations for sports, medicine and research, primarily in Bergen but also in Tromsø. He is widely admired in Bergen for his generosity; in 2010 he was voted as "the Best Bergenser", the first time such vote was arranged. Bergen Research Foundation was established in 2004 through a donation of NOK 250 million by Trond Mohn; the foundation supports research at the University of Bergen as well as Haukeland University Hospital. Mohn has also given NOK 100 million to the University of Tromsø.

Frank Mohn AS marketed under the brand name Framo is a supplier of submerged cargo pumps to the tanker market. The company was founded in 1938 and is located outside Bergen. The portfolio of products include submerged cargo pumps, transportable pumping systems, oil-recovery equipment, anti-heeling systems and offshore pumping systems. All their products are manufactured in Norway.

The company was founded by Frank Mohn (1916–2001) and is currently run by Magne Sangolt who took over after Frederik W. Mohn in 2012. Today Frank Mohn AS with 1500 employees, is a leading manufacturer of submerged pumping system for the shipping and offshore industry.

Frank Mohn AS is a parent company with 31 employees. This company does the overall administrative work. The products are manufactured in different subsidiaries.

Frank Mohn Fusa AS: "Marine Division" has 483 employees, and is the largest company in Frank Mohn group. It located on Fusa. Framo Fusa"s range of products includes: cargo pumping systems, transportable pumping system and anti-heeling pumping systems.

Frank Mohn Flatøy AS: "Oil and gas division" has 378 employees and is located on Flatøy. Framo Flatøy"s range of products includes: Water injection pumps and systems, fire water pumps, seawater lift pumps, cavern pumps, portable pumps, oil recovery equipment and pumping systems for subsea applications.

Framo Engineering AS: has 275 employees, and is located on Sandsli. Frank Mohn AS owns 47.25% and Schlumberger Holding Norge AS owns 52.75% of the company, which develops and supplies key components and total system solutions to the oil industry such as: subsea multiphase pumps, subsea multiphase meters, swivel systems, manifolds, control and power distribution systems.

Frank Mohn Services AS: has 195 employees and is located in next to the main offices in Helldal. The company does maintenance and fixes broken pumps for clients from all over the world.

Frank Mohn Piping: Newest company in the Frank Mohn family. Located on Hjertås, the company has the responsibility for the pipes in the Framo system.

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