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Stange has the richest farmland and the most open landscape in the whole region around Lake Mjøsa. Stange Vestbygd is also called Nordens Toscana.

 Stange Vestbygd  
Stange-vestbygd Stange area is home to large-scale agriculture, lying as it does in one of the country"s richest agricultural areas with a very diverse production. Here are to be found manor houses with monumental architecture and stylish avenues side by side with artisans" cabins and cotter"s farms.

Many of the large farms and manors in the area have buildings that are protected under the Cultural Heritage Act, such as Ringnes, Elton and Hverven.

Atlungstad Golfclub beside Lake Mjøsa and is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Scandinavia. The course is a few kilometres south of Hamar in Stange.
 Tore Haugen