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 Rondane National Park

The road from E6 up to Høvringen is driveable all year and is of high standard. Høvringen lies approximately 950 metres and is the gate to Rondane from vest. The name Høvringen comes from the horse shoe. Easely access to well-prepared and well-marked cross-country tracks, summer and winter. The road is of high standard during the summer, while during the winter all guests are transported by snowmobile. During the summer, there is a twice-daily bus service from Otta Station.

Rondane National Park was Norway´s first National Park. Rondane is a typical high mountain area, with large plateaus and a total of ten peaks above 2,000 metres. The highest point is The Rondane Castle (Rondeslottet) at an altitude of 2.178 metres. The lowest point is just below the tree line, which is approximately 1.000 to 1.100 metres above sea level.

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