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The modern Finse community was created as part of the construction and operation of the Bergenline Railway. Finse are located on one of the most sheltered areas on the alpine stretch of the railway and was, for this reason, picked as the centre of the manpower needed to clear the track of snow in the winter.

Finse is today predominantly a tourist centre. The railroads have only two remaining employees who work at the train station (ticket sales and post office). Despite the small size of the community the activity level is surprisingly high.

The centre of the Finse community is Finse 1222 a hotel with excellent cuisine, drinks and a unique atmosphere. Apartments connected to Finse 1222 through an old railway car. Finsehytta, one of The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association´s (DNT) biggest and most visited hostels, located 500 meters east of Finse Station.

Rallarvegen starts at Haugastøl in Buskerud County, continues to Finse and descends into dramatic Flåm in the fjord county of Sogn & Fjordane County.

Most cyclists start their trip at Finse (altitude 1.222). From Finse the road takes you through the arctic mountain plateau to the highest point of the road which, is located 1 km east of Fagernut (Altitude 1.343).

Along the road you can see the old Guard Houses (Railway Heritage Sites) of the Bergenline Railroad. A stop at Fagernut Guard House is highly recommended. Apart from Norway´s best waffles, coffee and a warm fire place, Fagernut features an interesting exhibition about the life of the Railroad Guard´s life.

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