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 The seven sisters

The famous rock formation De Syv Søstre is easy to recognize from both sea and land. The altitude of the highest peak is 1.072 metres. All peaks can be reached without climbing equipment and there are marked trails. A race over all seven mountains tops is arranged periodically and the record, set in 1994, is 3 hours and 54 minutes.

The mountains are, from north to south: Botnkrona 1.072 metres above sea level, Grytfoten 1.019 metres, Skjæringen 1.037 metres, the Twins (Tvillingene) 945 metres and 980 metres, Kvasstinden 1.010 metres and Breitinden / Stortinden 910 metres. Sandnessjøen Tourist Association has marked trails to each of the summits so that you can go safely from top to top on your own.

There are books on each summit where you can sign your name. If you climb all the peaks you are eligible for a special diploma as proof of your achievement. Registration cards and maps of the trails are available at Sandnessjøen tourist information centre.

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