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 Morten Viskum

Morten Viskum was born in Helsingør and is a Norwegian artist based in Vestfossen. In 1993, he broke six years of veterinary studies when he entered the National Art Academy in Oslo. Morten Viskum became known nationally in 1995 when he conducted "Rat / olive project." Within two days, he 20 olive glass, where the olive was replaced with rat babies, in 20 grocery stores in the five largest cities in Norway. Since then he has been regarded as one of the controversial contemporary artists, including he created headlines when he used a severed hand from a corpse that paint brush in the works titled, "The hand that never stopped painting."

After graduating in 1997, Morten Viskum been represented in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Viskum works with installations, performances, photography and painting. He has established Vestfossen Art Lab art hall for contemporary art.

Viskum has a private art collection consists of over 700 artworks by 226 artists. In 2013 his collection was exhibited at Vestfossen art laboratory.

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