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 Violet Road
 Earl Rundberg
 Hogne Rundberg
 Halvard Rundberg
 Herman Rundberg
 Kjetil Solberg Holmstad

Violet Roads self-titled debut album, consists of a bunch classic pop songs that immediately makes its nest in the minds of the listener. A nest filled with four brothers, a singer with the voice out your shirt, pop, melancholic moods, a reckless conviviality, beautiful harmonies, accordion, mandolin, saxophone, keyboards in all shapes, stylish headwear and tutch of Swedish folk tradition. «Can You Hear The Morning Singing" was one of the most played songs on the radio and the video directed by Nils Lynx and Ken Are Bongo.

Violet Road is a picture of our music which besides being melancholy and mysterious also carries the hope, joy and enthusiasm. The melodies are very important for us to be able to sing along. We make music for people who want to go to meet each other and have fun regardless of age, tells the guys polyphonic.

Brothers Earl, Hogne, Halvard and Herman Rundberg gospel called Kåfjord, home town with the magnificent scenery that has given them the strength and inspiration to create music that reflected the band´s name. That dark era, and many exceptionally long walks in the youth corps each with 17 May also helped to give the music a distinctive look, guys though agreed. In Kåfjord we had really only two possibilities: music and football. And we kept on course with both, almost shouting boys in the choir.

Åge Aleksandersen has been a fan of the band since the last album. Now, when they are out with their third langspiller, they have been joined by his hero on one of the tracks. - We were invited home to Åge at breakfast after a gig we had in Trondheim. Starstruck and happy, thanks we readily agreed to it. We humbly played a new song we worked with and he fell in love with it. Now pinch ourselves in the arm when we hear the song and was very satisfied with the result, says vocalist Kjetil Solberg Holmstad.

Åge Aleksandersen discovered the band through the "Can you hear the morning singing" on radio, and has repeatedly stated that Violet Road is his favorite Norwegian bands of the time. Last summer he went to even out and promised that he would refund the ticket money to visitors Frøyafestivalen, if they liked what they heard of the band´s concert there.

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