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The municipality is situated along the upper river basin of the Deatnu / Tana river, and includes large tracts of the high plateau of Finnmarksvidda. Lakes in the region include Gásadatjávri. The river valley, unlike the plateau, is covered with pine and birch forest.

At Karigasniemi there is an official border crossing with Finland, and the European route E6 is passing through on its way from Lakselv to Deatnu - Tana. The nearest airport is Lakselv Airport, 80 km from Karasjok.

The birdlife to be found in this municipality is characteristic for the region. The inland habitats of Finnmarksvidda are known for their rich bird life with species like Bluethroat preferring areas with scrub. The Tana river also flows through Karasjok and many of the species found in higher areas use it as a migration route.

Most people live in Karasjok village. The village is the seat of the Sámediggi, the Sami Parliament of Norway, as well as of the Sami broadcasting, and several Sami institutions, public and private, are to be found here. 80% of the population is Sami speaking, and Sami and Norwegian have equal status in the municipality.

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights.

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