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 Tom Erik Andersen

Tom Erik Andersen born in Drammen is a painter. Andersen graduated from Asker Art School and has been a student of Kjell-Eivind Vang and Oddmund Raudberget. Andersen is best known for his surrealist imagery. One finds his distinctive characters in situations that catches our attention. Andersen has created a style that is recognizable. The images are often melancholy, but you often find a humorous undertone in many of his works.

Tom Erik Andersen also works with sculpture and installations. These have often been perceived as provocative and has dealt with issues such as social injustice, death and religious fundamentalism. Andersen may be perceived as a socially engaged and politically motivated artist. The installation, "The children of our world" is given in the textbook Dialogos, the imprint Areas and culture for the ninth grade in the Norwegian elementary school.

Tom Erik Andersen has worked with several organizations through their work. He has worked with Amnesty International, LIVE and the Norwegian Association of the Blind. Andersen´s images have also been used as book covers and illustrated articles in professional journals. He was the official artist festival in Drammen River Festival 2007.

More info about Tom Erik Andersen at Wikipedia.

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