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 Tora Berger
 Trond Teveldal

Tora Berger is a World Cup level biathlete and Olympic champion. Tora Berger was born in Ringerike but grew up in the mountainous municipality of Lesja, and lives in Meråker. Her sports club is Dombås IL of Dombås. She is the younger sister of biathlete and cross-country skier Lars Berger.

Berger married in 2010, having met her husband at high school. They have two dogs Tussi and Tarzan - Tarzan often joins her on training runs. Whilst away from home during the biathlon season she enjoys knitting and reading (especially books about crime). Outside biathlon she enjoys hunting and fishing. She has consistently said that she will continue with her biathlon career until the 2013/14 season and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but then she intends to retire.

She has been a member of the Norwegian women´s biathlon team since 1999. She has 27 individual victories in the World Cup. At the 2008 World Championship, she received three 4th places, before earning the silver medal in the mass start.

On February 18, 2010, she became the first Norwegian woman to win an Olympic gold medal in biathlon by winning the women´s 15 km individual at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. By doing this, she won Norway´s 100th Olympic gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games, as well as winning the 10th Norwegian biathlon gold medal. This historic medal makes Norway the first ever nation to win 100 gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games.

At the Biathlon World Championships 2013 in Nove Mesto, she won gold in the mixed relay, silver in the sprint and gold in the pursuit before becoming the first woman to defend her 15k individual title. She followed this up with a stunning final-leg performance in the relay, making up a deficit of nearly 40 seconds on the leaders to take another gold medal, before taking silver in the mass start. As the holder of 18 world championship medals she is second in the table of total medals, one medal behind Uschi Disl. At the same championships, she also became the first biathlete (male or female) to win 6 medals at a single biathlon world championships, with four golds and two silvers.

More info about Tora Berger at Wikipedia.

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