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 Kim Bård Hansen
 Herodes Falsk
 Jonas Fjeld Rock´n´Rolf Band
 Prima Vera

Kim Bård Hansen born in Drammen, better known by his stage name Herodes Falsk, is a comedian, actor and songwriter. Falsk is probably best known for his work with the musical comedy trio Prima Vera alongside Jahn Teigen and Tom Mathisen, and for his longtime collaboration with Mathisen after Prima Vera´s breakup in 1984. He is also often credited as Norway´s first stand-up comedian.

Kim Hansen career in showbusiness began at age 15 when he in late 1969 became friends with Terje Jensen, a young guitarist and songwriter also from Drammen. The two shared a similar musical taste, listening to artists like Jethro Tull, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin. Jensen also played in a local rock band called Frosk, and Hansen became the band´s manager and roadie.

It was during this time Kim Hansen became Herodes Falsk. According to his autobiography, when reading a short newspaper story about Frosk in 1972, he realized that the band and its members were "too average", looking like regular long-haired boys with ordinary names, and that an image change was needed to make it in the music industry. Thus, Terje Jensen began using the stage name Jonas Fjeld, a name he still uses today.

Hansen became Herodes Falsk, and the other bandmembers also picked eccentric stage names. Also, the band itself changed its name to Jonas Fjeld Rock´n´Rolf Band, and the bandmembers began wearing outrageous outfits on stage. In line with this new image, Falsk would begin joining the band on stage, even though he did not sing or play any instruments, usually dancing around on stage, telling jokes or reading dirty poetry in-between songs as well as various other crazy antics.

The image change seemed to pay dividends, because in 1973 the band got a record deal, and for Falsk, who was still the band´s manager, it became much easier to book concert dates. By late 1975, the band had released three albums, but felt they weren´t getting enough backing from their record company, and wanted to get fired from their contract. To achieve this, they decided to make an album containing the absolute worst music the guys could imagine, and Falsk was given the task of producing the record, only because he had absolutely no experience in the field.

The album was named "Endelig! (Uff, ikke nå igjen?)" was recorded in just four days, and featured JFRRB´s take on protest songs, disco, football chants, Swedish dansband music, yodeling and every other genre that the band hated – and to everyone´s surprise, the album became an overwhelming success, peaking at number 15 on the Norwegian national album chart, and was by far JFRRB´s most successful album to date in terms of record sales.

The unexpected success of "Endelig!" saddled JFRRB with the label of being a humor band, which was a label they did not want. Even though JFRRB´s concerts had always contained an element of comedy, Jonas Fjeld and the other members regarded themselves as serious musicians, so in order to distance themselves from the humor band label, they dropped the silly stage costumes and "Rock ´n" Rolf" from its name and became the Jonas Fjeld Band. No longer required to perform clownery on stage, Falsk left the band in 1976 to pursue other projects.

More info about Herodes Falsk at Wikipedia.

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