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Orkel AS is situated in Fannrem, central Norway, about 45 km southwest of Trondheim, with the river "Orkla", famous for its salmon fishing, as the nearest neighbor.

The company is one of the biggest manufacturers of farm machinery in Norway. Tractor trailers, round balers and snow blowers are the main products. Orkel AS has a unique position on the domestic market, due to its long and lasting service for the Norwegian farmer. Over the years, Orkel AS products have earned a reputation of being top quality, and being well-fitted for the rough Nordic weather conditions.

The company has developed a considerable export network as well. More than 80 % of the company"s round balers are sold to export markets in Europe and the rest of the world. Quite a long way away from the small, modest countryside workshop the founder, Johan Gjønnes, established over 60 years ago. The company has been leading in the development of new products enabling its customers to meet the challenges of the future.

These are the main merits of Orkel AS:
1986 - The first company in the world to introduce chopped material in round bales.
1997 - The first (and only) company in the world to introduce bushings on round balers.Up to 3 years warranty on bushings in 2001. The first company in the market to introduce the APF - appetite feeding - for cows. The first company in the market to introduce a compaction unit for fine material - the Orkel MP 2000 Compactor.
2001 - Introducing the "no bottle-neck" snow blower - the Orkel SK 2610
2003 - With the MP 2000 Compactor, Orkel AS won a silver medal at the Agritechnica
2007 – Launching the Orkel HiQ – High density balers for hay straw and grass
2009 – Wide film application replacing net on round bales

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