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Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with 6800 employees in 30 countries. Our strategy to become a global leader within our fields is bold. It consists of three elements that work seamlessly together: Classifieds, Growth and Media houses.

Schibsted Norge AS was established in 2012. The media houses VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Fædrelandsvennen and Stavanger Aftenblad are wholly-owned subsidiaries. Schibsted Norge also consists of companies like Schibsted Vekst, Schibsted Forlag and others. Schibsted Norge contribute to ensuring that quality journalism can continue to be produced on the basis of the distinction of character, credibility and audience proximity that characterizes the participating media houses. The company’s head office is situated in Bergen.

Variation and adaptability are crucial if Schibsted is to achieve its ambitions. We will be leaders in innovative thinking and trailblazing. Recruiting new management talent is important and necessary for meeting this challenge. To our recognised and popular trainee programme we therefore seek candidates who are unafraid, ready for a challenge, creative by nature and have a genuine interest in society and media.

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