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 Trygve Hegnar

Trygve Hegnar is a editor and businessman, economist, owner and publisher of the magazine Kapital and editor and publisher of Finansavisen, both Kapital and Finansavisen newspaper is organized in Hegnar Media. Trygve Hegnar born in Oslo is also known as an investor, and is one of Norway´s richest people. Most investments he own through his investment company Periscopus, which he owns with his children. Also shares of Hegnar Media owned through Periscopusy.

M/Y Grace is Norway´s only large classic motor yacht. 120 feet long she is as beautiful as she was when she left the berth at the Whites ship yard in Southampton.

For many years he owned a large stake in the company Norwegian Cruise Lines. Trygve Hegnar owns several manufacturing companies, including boat manufacturer Windy. He owns several large boats for hire, and Holmen Fjord Hotel and Vic Hotel. In April 2009, he bought up the conference vendor Positiv Opplæring. In November 2009, he bought 20% of shares in Hurtigruten ASA and was elected as the new Chairman of the Corporate Assembly. In March 2010 he bought an additional 6.35% of the shares in the company.

Hurtigruten ASA have been suld to the British investment company TDR Capital. TDR Capital own 90 percent of Hurtigruten, Trygve Hegnar own 5 precent and Petter Stordalen own 5 precent.

Most of his investments through his own investment company Periscopus, which he owns with his children. Also, shares of Hegnar Media is owned by Periscopus.

Trygve Hegnar became Norwegian champion in team handball with the club SK Arild in 1964, and played for the Norwegian national team at the 1964 World Men´s Handball Championship.

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