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Orkla Group is a Norwegian conglomerate operating in the Nordic region, Eastern Europe, Asia and the US. At present, Orkla operates in the branded consumer goods, aluminium solutions and financial investment sectors. The company´s strategic focus is on growth in its branded consumer goods operations. Stein Erik Hagen is Orkla Group´s Chairman. The Group has 30.000 employees in more than 40 countries.

Orkla Foods Norge one of the biggest brand suppliers of food in Norway. In total, the company behind about 1,300 products. For generations, Norwegian consumers become fond of strong brands that Stabburet, Toro, Stabbur- mackerel, Nora, Vossafår, Denja, Stabburet Leverpostei, Grandiosa, FUN Light, Vestlandslefsa, Gøy and Idun. Branded products are fixed focal point in Norwegian homes and put their stamp on daily Norwegian grocery shelving.

The company manages many brand stories. For example Stabburet which started in Fredrikstad in 1947 or Toro in Bergen in 1946. In addition, we will cherish the story of Nora with roots dating back to 1877 Denja 1916 Idun in 1883 and many more.

Orkla´s branded consumer goods division produces brands in many fields, primarily in the Nordic region, but also in other places, especially in the Central and Eastern European countries, Russia and the Baltic region. Among the companies owned by Orkla are Abba Seafood, Beauvais foods, Chips, Felix Abba, Chips, Göteborgs Kex, Kalev, KiMs, Lilleborg, MTR Foods, Peter Möller, Nidar, OLW, Procordia Food, Stabburet, Sætre, Pierre Robert Group Sapa and Borregaard.

Borregaard is a Norwegian chemical company with products within wood based chemicals and other organic chemicals.

Sapa Group is a Swedish-based company that produces high value-added profiles, building systems and heat transfer strips in aluminium. Sapa Group´s aluminium profiles business was in 2007 merged with Alcoa´s, almost doubling Sapa´s turnover. In 2009 Alcoa took over all aluminium activities from Elkem while Sapa Group took over the profile business from Alcoa. The same year Sapa Group took over bankrupt Indalex in USA and Canada.

As of March 2009, Orkla has major ownerships in Jotun (42.5%) and Renewable Energy Corporation (39.73%).

Orkla started out in 1654 with pyrite mining at Løkken Verk. Later the company also started mining copper, but the copper mining was abandoned in 1845. In 1904 Orkla Grube-Aktiebolag was founded by Christian Thams to start commercial mining at Løkken Verk, including the construction of Thamshavnbanen, the first electric railway in Norway, between Løkken Verk and Thamshavn. This railway is still operated as a museum railway after the mining operations at Løkken Verk were closed on July 10, 1987.

In 1929 Orkla became listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and in 1931 the new smelting plant at Thamshavn outside Orkanger is opened. By 1941 Orkla started with a separate investments portfolio, and opened offices in Oslo in 1975. In 1984 Orkla started a major takeover of Norwegian newspapers, creating Orkla Media as one of the three largest media companies in Norway. Half of the magazine publisher Egmont-Mortensen is added to Orkla Media in 1992 and the Danish Det Berlingske Officin in 2000. Orkla sold the media section to Mecom in 2006.

In 1986 Orkla merged with Borregaard based in Sarpsborg to form Orkla Borregaard. The company then merged with Nora Industrier in 1992. Borregaard was spun off and introduced to the Oslo Stock Exchange in October 2012, with Orkla retaining a minority stake in the company. Orkla heavily invests in foods and among others acquired Swedish brewery Pripps as well as other companies including Abba Seafood, Baltic Beverages Holding and Procordia Food. Norwegian Ringnes and Pripps were merged with Carlsberg Breweries, where Orkla acquires a 40% ownership in 2000. Orkla sold its ownership in Carlsberg in 2004, the same year it buys SladCo. In 2005 Orkla bought the Norwegian material company Elkem and Sapa Group in Sweden. In 2010 Orkla bought the Estonian confectionary company Kalev.

More info about Orkla Group at Wikipedia.

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