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 Øystein Stray Spetalen
 Charlotte Spetalen

Øystein Stray Spetalen is a investor and trader, self-made billionaire and founder of the establishment of the Media Victims Fund. He grew up in Sandefjord and started to trade stocks in the 9th class. He is graduated as Master of science (Sivilingeniør) at The Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Stray Spetalen offered together with Petter Stordalen to buy Union paper mill in Skien, when Norwegian Forest would put it down. Through his company Union Ltd bought the two later a significant shareholding in the Norwegian Forestry. The factory was still closed. The shares was sold with great loss.

In April 2006 it was announced that Stray Spetalen, together with Petter Stordalen considered buying all or part of the English football club Liverpool FC. This never materialized. The club was later bought by Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Øystein Stray Spetalen is active member of Sandefjord Football Club and one of the owners of FONNA Glacier Ski Resort. He is married to Charlotte Spetalen. In 2011 Spetalen directed strong criticism at investment strategies for the Oil Fund. Spetalen compared with the Oil Fund´s lending it to "bet on a dead horse" and called it "pure fraud".

Spetalen was in 2011 in the war of words with SV politician and Audun Lysbakken, which he called a "public enemy" and "Marxist". When the student Mimir Kristjansson in 2011 had published a book in which he describes the Norwegian billionaires as "whining" went Spetalen sharply to respond. He did note that Kristjansson has admitted having knowingly exploited the system by registering for the exam at the University of Oslo for access to student benefits and then failing to complete the examination.

In 2015 the company NEL, has acquired the Danish hydrogen fuel company H2 Logic. H2 Logic make hydrogen stations where hydrogen cars can get refills. Spetalen says: This could be the next industrial revolution. It is in transport the big money is.

Stray Spetalen increases its stake marginally in the pharmaceutical company Weifa through share purchase from the company Ferncliff DAI Listed AS. After the purchase controls Spetalen and associates well 211,000,000 shares, equivalent to a stake of 13.3 percent.

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