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 SWIMS galoshes

Growing up with four distinct seasons in Norway, I never let go of the black rubber galoshes that my late grandfather passed on to me. In 1999 they accompanied me to a milder, but still rainy Paris. Wearing Chuck Taylor´s Converse and galoshes, I got around the severe rainfall that autumn. Not surprisingly, my footwear became the subject of many jokes around the art school I attended. Later, while living in New York, I blended in with an image-conscious culture that defied slushy streets, freezing winds and pouring rain. Naturally, this resulted in a lot of discomfort and many ruined pairs of shoes.

A few more Manhattan winters went by while I searched for the right product before I finally took matters in my own hands and decided to develop SWIMS - The Modern Galosh! A stylish solution, embodying the essence of practicality: Wear your favorite shoes, slip on SWIMS when the weather is rough, slip´em off when you arrive at your destination. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes are guaranteed to stay shiny.

The SWIMS galosh is the product of my own experience, my appreciation of functional design, and my odd fascination with big city rain.

SWIMS has done a special collaboration with Armani for their FW12 collection. In January 2012, the Armani by SWIMS overshoe appeared on the runway in Milan. SWIMS has created a bespoke collection of modern day overshoes aligned with the unique artistry of Armani shoes. With the trend in footwear shifting toward craftsmanship and high quality materials, the need for SWIMS to protect shoes from inclement weather conditions is increasingly important. The Armani by SWIMS overshoes will be sold together with Armani shoes in Armani retailers worldwide.

SWIMS first collaboration was with John Lobb, one of the world´s most exclusive boot makers. The overshoe, called the Balmoral, is specially designed to fit the hand made John Lobb shoes. The SWIMS and John Lobb collaboration originated from a shared philosophy between both brands, emphasis on design and style, combined with functionality, innovation and quality. The Balmoral overshoe was launched in 2009 and can be found in John Lobb´s stores around the world.

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