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Hell Church (Lånke kirke) is located east of Hell. The wooden church was built in 1901 to seat about 200 people.

In many mythological, folklore and religious traditions, Hell is a place of eternal suffering and punishment in an afterlife, often after resurrection. Religions with a linear divine history often depict Hells as endless. Religions with a cyclic history often depict a hell as an intermediary period between incarnations. Typically these traditions locate hell under the Earth´s external surface and often include entrances to Hell from the land of the living. Other afterlife destinations include Heaven, Purgatory, Paradise, and Limbo.

Other traditions, which do not conceive of the afterlife as a place of punishment or reward, merely describe Hell as an abode of the dead, a neutral place located under the surface of Earth (for example, see sheol and Hades). Modern understandings of hells often depict them abstractly, as a state of loss rather than as fiery torture literally underground, but this view of the concept of a hell can, in fact, be traced back into the ancient and medieval periods as well.[citation needed] Hell is sometimes portrayed as populated with demons who torment those dwelling there. Many are ruled by a death god such as Nergal, Hades, Hel, Enma or the Devil.

But in Norway Hell is a village located in the western part of Stjørdal, about 3 kilometres south of the municipal center of Stjørdalshalsen.

The village of Hell has become a minor tourist attraction because of its name, as visitors often have their photograph taken in front of the station sign. Hell railway station is situated at a railway junction where the Nordlandsbanen rail line north to Bodø branches off from the Meråkerbanen between Trondheim and Storlien, Sweden. Hell Station is currently a manned railway station. A smaller building on the railway station has been given the sign "Gods-expedition", which is the archaic spelling of the word for "cargo handling".

The name Hell stems from the Old Norse word hellir, which means "overhang" or "cliff cave". It has a more used homonym in modern Norwegian that means "luck". In modern Norwegian the word for hell is helvete.

Among English-speaking tourists, popular postcards depict the station with a heavy frost on the ground, making a visual joke about "Hell frozen over." Temperatures in Hell can reach -25 °C (-13 °F) during winter.

In 1990 was Mona Grudt elected Miss Univers. She is now a official Ambassador of Hell. David Letterman, the host of the Late Show in New York invited Mona Grudt to his show and asked since she was the Beauty Queen from Hell, that her father must be the Devil.

Shop to your drop at Hell mall. A blues festival takes place every year at Hell Station in September,"Blues in Hell" was started in 1992.

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