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 Marilyn Monroe
 Ray Kay

Haugaland, with Haugesund as its regional centre, is currently one of the most exciting growth regions in Norway, offering significant purchasing power and business opportunities. The sound, Karmsundet - also known as the old King´s Highway, was also called the Highway to the North. Internationally, the Norwegian Film Festival held in Haugesund has long been renowned. Even in New Orleans, the annual "Sildajazz" (Herring Jazz Festival) in Haugesund is much respected.

Røvær is an idyllic group of islands about 10 km west of the Haugesund mainland with about 100 inhabitants. The island is rich in plant and bird life with good shoreline fishing possibilitiee and a fine harbour for pleasure boats. There is a reguler boat connection between Haugesund and Røvær.

The most known name is Edward Mortenson, the father of Marilyn Monroe. She was the illegitimate child that deserted her mother Gladys Baker, and Ray Kay is a director and photographer born in Haugesund and currently based in Los Angeles. Ray Kay is one of the hottest music video directors working today.

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