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Lyngen is an Arctic Eldorado, with the Lyngenfjord to the east and Ullsfjord to the west. The majestic and breathtaking Lyngen Alps dominate this part of Lyngen where arctic fjord meets alpine mountain.

 Lyngen Alps  
Lyngen Alps The Lyngen Alps range begins in the north with Storgalten and stretches south in an unending chain of jagged peaks, pinnacles and mighty glaciers. The cold, clean arctic ocean, rich in fish, cuts in to the mountains in a series of spectacular fjords. You can enjoy the scenic splendour of Lyngen in winter as well as summer.

In Lyngen, the activities available range from fjord fishing and fresh water angling to hiking in wonderful hills and valleys, glacier walking and mountaineering.
 Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter