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Lyngen is an Arctic Eldorado, with the Lyngenfjord to the east and Ullsfjord to the west. The majestic and breathtaking Lyngen Alps dominate this part of Lyngen where arctic fjord meets alpine mountain.

Nord-Lenangen At a latitude of 70º north, where Norway stretches off to the east, you will find Nord-Lenangen. Nord-Lenangen is a quaint, typical north Norwegian fishing village. Shrimp fishing has dominated this area since the 1950s. Where the main forms of substistence are fishing and seafood industries. Here, you can experience age-old fishing traditions which have hardly changed for hundreds of years. Traditions which live in harmony with nature.

The cold, clean arctic ocean, rich in fish, cuts in to the mountains in a series of spectacular fjords.
 Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter