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This area is very mountainous, surrounded by peaks up to 1964 meters high, which caused the architecture in this valley to be different than that of other villages. Eikesdal village is located at the south end of the Eikesdalsvatnet lake at the mouth of the Aura river.

Meisalfjellet, Meløya, Meloeya, Eidsøra, Eidsoera Nesset municipality is made up mostly of the Eikesdalen valley which surrounds the Eikesdalsvatnet lake. The lake is fed from the Aursjøen lake on the border of Oppland. The water then flows through the Aura river into Eikesdalsvatnet lake.

That water then flows into the Eira River and then on to the Eresfjorden, a branch of the Langfjorden. The mountains Skjorta, Fløtatinden, and Gjuratinden surround the main valley.
 Anne-Karin Sjøli