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The varied mountain terrain around Voss could have been made for winter sports. It is not without reason that Voss has fostered more Olympic participants than aqy other place in the world. Voss offers excellent nursery slopes as well as demanding terrain for the most experienced. Voss has also excellent facilities for powdersnow sports.

 Tvindefossen waterfall  
Tvindefossen waterfall Tvindefossen waterfall is 12 km from Voss, usually said to be 152 metres high, but likely only 110 metres, is formed by a small stream, the Kroelvi, tumbling over a receding cliff. It is famous for its beauty.

The water at Tvindefossen waterfall acquired a reputation for rejuvenation and revival of sexual potency that made it one of the most important natural tourist attractions in western Norway. Beside the waterfall just outside Voss centre, set in lovely surroundings, you can find a campingsite.
 Miguel Angel Barroso Lorenzo