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The varied mountain terrain around Voss could have been made for winter sports. It is not without reason that Voss has fostered more Olympic participants than aqy other place in the world. Voss offers excellent nursery slopes as well as demanding terrain for the most experienced. Voss has also excellent facilities for powdersnow sports.

Vossevangen, Vossavangen Vossavangen is located in the center of Voss at the north-east edge of Vangsvatnet lake. Vossavangen takes its name from the Old Norwegian word vang (Norse Vangr) that can mean field or meadow, and refers to a large grass field lying between the church and Vangsvatnet lake. According to legend, the people of Voss were forcibly converted to Christianity by king Olav, who later became St. Olav. A stone cross situated in Vossevangen is said to have been erected at this time. The town contains a stone church from 1277, with a 16th century excentric, octagonal steeple. Vangschurch is still in use with service every Sunday at 11.00.