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 Barony Rosendal

Kvinnherad is situated in Sunhordaland where the Hardangerfjord meets the sea. The muncipality borders to Hardanger and is divided by the fjord with Ølve and Hatlestrand in the northwest and the Folgefonna in the northeast. With it´s approximately 2.500 inhabitants Husnes is the largest community as well as the trade and the educational centre, where as Rosendal with it´s approximately 1.000 inhabitants is the civic centre. The Barony Rosendal is the most well-known attraction in the area. The barony is often referred to as "The smallest castle in Scandinavia". Soutwards in the municipality you will find the landscape typical for Sunnhordaland, with exuberant pineclad islands, small islets and idyllic sounds. Further inland the nature changes, and you will find U-valleys formed by the glacier ice, narrow fjords, waterfalls and steep glacier-covered mountains.

The limestone in Varaldsøy, Ølve and Hatlestrand forms the basis for an exceptional floral abundancy. Gjuvslandslia at Varalsøy is extremely rich in species, thus forming an outstanding botanical nature reserve. The biggest yew in Northern Europe is also to be found on this island. At Kvinnherad you will find many deciduous forest reserves and bird reservations. The municipality has a rich fauna with one of the largest deer population in Norway.

Today, Kvinnherad´s shipbuilding traditions, developed throughout the centuries, form the basis of an important industry, in addition to farming and aluminium industry. Kvinnherad has long traditions in ship building, and many famous ships have been built in Rosendal.

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