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Odda is situated in beautiful surroundings between Folgefonna and Hardangervidda national parks. Short distance to the Hardangerfjord, Trolltunga and Buer glacier. Odda is close to "the waterfalls valley" with seven majestic waterfalls, the most famous is Låtefoss waterfall.

 Folgefonna Glacier  
Folgefonna Glacier In Odda surroundings have two national parks (Hardangervidda and Folgefonna) and Buerbreen glacier an arm of the majestic Folgefonna glacier.

The district centre is Odda, Tyssedal, Skare and Røldal. In Oddadalen valley you will find numerous waterfalls, created by melt water from the glacier. A ravine between Hardengervidda and Folgefonna.

In this unique valley there are numerous waterfalls within a distance of 10 km; Tjørnadalsfoss waterfall, Strandfoss waterfall, Vidfoss waterfall, Espelandsfoss waterfall and Låtefoss waterfall.
 Odda Camping