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Odda is situated in beautiful surroundings between Folgefonna and Hardangervidda national parks. Short distance to the Hardangerfjord, Trolltunga and Buer glacier. Odda is close to "the waterfalls valley" with seven majestic waterfalls, the most famous is Låtefoss waterfall.

 Røldal Stave Church  
Røldal, Roeldal Stave Church One of the most importent churches in western Norwey in the Middle Ages. The church was probably built in the 12th century and decorated inside in the 16th. century. Around the turn of the century, the local congregation wanted to demolish Røldal stave church because of its strong connections with Catholicism. Fortunately, the local priest stepped in and saved this beautiful stave church.

The crucifix which hangs over the entrance to the choir is believed to be some hundred years older and rumoured to have healing powers. The church is adorned with paintings and furniture from the 17th century.
 Bjørn Hansen