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Etnesjøen is the administrative centre. Etne has a varied landscape, extending from the archipelago at Etnefjord, south to Lake Ølen and north to Skånevikfjord. In the north, Åkrafjord intersects through a barren and heavily eroded mountain glacier, where the municipality´s highest point rises 1,638 meters above sea level. Etne has three nature reserves: Brattholmen, Skåno and Langebudalen. Lakes in the area include Løkjelsvatnet.

Sæbøtunet hamlet and the post Road between Etne and Skånevik are but a few. The village of Skånevik is best known for its timber-framed buildings and decorative shop-fronts. This is also the reason why Skånevik is often called the "Pearl of Sunnhordaland".

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